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A bird cageBirdsCages come in all sizes & shapes, some beautiful, some not so much—just functional. I enjoy watching my birds. Seeing how they interact with each other has shown me that even birds of the same species have different personalities, like people. I didn’t know that. I watch them and see how wondrously and intricately God has made even the small birds. I think of God’s words in the bible about how He cares for even one bird if it falls from the sky and how he provides for them everything they need.

My bird cageEven though I recently had a larger cage built for my birds, I try to let them out to fly in my flat every morning and every afternoon. Can you just imagine being able to fly, how marvelous it would be?? I don’t think God created them this way to just sit in a cage all their life. I have to give them the freedom to spread their wings. They certainly seem to look forward to it and they come inside the cage when called (although one of them likes to wait and act like it’s his own idea). I can’t help think about this:

In NO way am I as good and loving as God—but if I—a mere mortal—have enough compassion for a caged bird to let it fly and feel freedom, HOW MUCH MORE does God want freedom for the people of Gaza?????

Women on "Free Gaza" boats

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