Missionary – No, Visionary – Yes

I thought, “I could never be a Missionary” but then I learned: A missionary is not one who crosses the sea but one who sees the Christ. Seeing the life of Jesus and choosing to follow Him in the same way the original 12 left all they had to accept His invitation, should make each of us a ‘Missionary’ in the truest sense of the word.

Tina Turner (a famous American singer) sang a song named, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”. When you have been ‘stalked by love’—whether by a childhood sweetheart, a Calico Cat, or the extravagant hospitality of a foreign people of a different religion—you have to stop and wonder, “What’s theology got to do with it”?

Jesus himself said “to love God and to love others… this is TRUE religion”. I have called myself a Christian since I was a child (which has been many more years ago than I like to think of). I have grown (sometimes very slowly) in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, after too many deaths in my life, I became a seeker—a seeker of knowing an unconditional love, a seeker to follow this person who had overcome death, a seeker of a life without fear and a seeker of a purpose.

Then it happened. I mean, that’s when it really happened. (Jer 29: 13-14) “When you have sought me with all your heart, I will not disappoint you” (paraphrased). I became a FOLLOWER—no longer a believer, no longer a label wearing Christian—but a follower. The first place I followed Him to was Israel. In that place the label began to fade. I was ‘gratefully grafted’ into the true vine. More and more I grew to know Jesus, the teacher and the author and finisher of my faith. I learned how to count even the most painful parts of my life as joy. It was a 3 year intense course with teachers from all over the world as you will see on the flag counter at the sidebar.

I learned how to truly forgive from the heart—not just in words. How to forgive in a way that compassion for the offender was greater than the pain of the offended. Tied to that lesson was a Gift of experiencing the “Father’s Love” in a way that seemed to literally wash over me.

And then the healings began. I finally quit running (like the Calico Cat). I finally submitted myself willingly to the surgeon’s knife—no matter how painful or frightening—because I knew I could trust Him. I willingly stepped into the refiner’s fire because I understood the necessity. I think I was very unpleasant to be around during that time but my Shevet Achim family loved me through it. I saw those who had already passed through the refiner’s fire ahead of me and saw qualities in them I didn’t possess and I was jealous—NOT a Godly response!

Jealousy makes people act in very ugly and hurtful ways. You see things that are NOT about you at all as though it’s ALL about you. From my personal experience mixing jealousy with fear puts you at war with everyone around you. It’s like trying to keep the beast in the cage. —- Humm —- rather a profound observation in the middle of missiles flying back and forth between Israel and Gaza, don’t you think??

Then, about a year ago I was suddenly confronted with the memory of a painful event in my life. When I was 16 years old I suffered a painful loss that altered the course of my life. Even though I thought I was over that a long time ago, the pain and wounding associated with that event created an underlying fear within me that colored the way I heard every conversation.

As the healing has “changed the weather” in my life, the fruit (Christ-like character) is forming and causing me to see things from His perspective instead of my own. Some people may call me a Christian Missionary (not one who crosses the sea but, one who sees the Christ) but I find in this part of the world, labels and titles just get in the way. My goal and heart’s desire is to see Christ for who He truly is and help others to see Him, too. This is why I prefer to be known as a visionary—but you can just call me Donna.

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One thought on “Missionary – No, Visionary – Yes

  1. Donna, thanks for sharing in such a transparent way. Your life and stories are very encouraging!

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