The Calico Cat

I was not seeking a pet. In fact, with ten cats on the property, I really didn’t even want one. Feeding, clean-up and the responsibility for their well-being is all part of pet ownership, and, I really didn’t see a need for it in my life.

I have heard some of my friends say they didn’t choose their cat, their cat chose them. Well, this is how this story begins. I was adopted—by the Calico Cat! This young cat literally “stalked” me with love. Someone said, “It’s because you feed her”. I know better than that! I didn’t feed her, at least not for a long time. So it wasn’t anything I did. I really ignored her without being mean. But then we started having “conversation” when I was in the garden.

This cat had VOLUME to her voice and many different tones and head tilts as she “talked” in her cat language. One of the things I am very aware of is body language. Volunteering at the Deaf Society here in Gaza helps me to continue to refine my understanding of what is going on around me by the body language as well as the sign language. I began to understand the “cat language” that asked for permission, that gave thanks, that wanted just be petted, and that was full of fear. And she began to understand, ‘no (la), good cat (Quase Bissa), wait (baddin) as I practiced my small Arabic vocabulary on her and some of my “cat noise” responses. After all, she is a Palestinian cat. She also began to recognize the sound of my footsteps and would she wait and walk with me as I came and went throughout the day.

Bissa usually slept on the awning three floors below my window. One evening when the electric was off, I heard loud screaming cat noises coming from the garden. Because we were having many “suitors” coming to “court” the older female cats, I wasn’t sure which cats were fighting. I went to the balcony and said, “Bissa, is that you?” Of course she didn’t answer but she did respond by running up four floors with a big gray tomcat chasing her. When I made the big cat unwelcome, the Calico Cat that had become MY cat was shaking and continued to look every direction in a very nervous manner. From that point on she slept one floor up from me instead of three floors down. You must understand coming inside had to be under very close supervision because it’s only a cat’s nature to want to attack birds, probably their favorite game—and I have two.

This little Calico Cat worked her way into my heart. Soon it was decided by all of us who live with ten cats (and many visiting cats who were staying here most of the time around the females) that we have TOO MANY CATS and SOON WE WILL GET MORE if we don’t remove them from the property. Baddish, Baddish (don’t want—in Arabic)—we knew what we didn’t want but MY cat was special and I didn’t want her to go.

Every good gift comes from God. To be continued…

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